Find the Perfect WordPress Theme For Your Website

How to select and choose a WordPress theme that will work well with your website.

We’re not writing this post to tell you that you need to have a WordPress site. You obviously know this, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right? We’re writing this to show you some WordPress themes that we consistently use.

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WordPress Themes

Wordpress is a great platform to use, for any website. It doesn’t need to be complex; you can usually get the look that you want, simply, and inexpensively. Then, substitute with your own content, links, visuals, etc.

For those who are not to familiar with WordPress themes, what you need to align with is your overall features and layouts. You can always adjust the colours, fonts, and placements. But what you need is to ensure that it has all of the features that you are looking to embody.

Does it have widgets, or is it a simple feature page? What kind of widgets does it have? Can you easily add feature videos? Does it have a slider? Calendar of events? Even if it doesn’t start with these, you can always add them later as plug-ins, but it is always a good idea to get started with the main elements that you are looking for.

It’s almost like looking for a house, as you normally would have somewhat of a checklist in terms of what you need/want.

Take your time in trying out new WordPress themes, as it always seems that as soon as you find one, you then see one that you like… just a little bit more.

You can always change themes on a regular basis, but you do need to keep some brand consistency once you have established your audiences.

Here are some of the Theme sites that we have found and used across our own sites and others as well.

Studiopress Genesis

Template Monster


Elegant Themes


Digital Delusion Blog post - wordpress image for blogging 3

WordPress Themes

Note – these are not Affiliate links either – we just want to share these different sites with you.

Tell us what WordPress themes you use or have used. Have you had any that have been completely hopeless? Which ONE is your favourite?

Please tell us! And, extra points if you can guess which site theme The Digital Delusion Site is using.




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