Real Time Marketing: Marketing for the Moment

Real time marketing, also known as moment marketing, does not demand users to go online 24/7. Instead, it requires planning that makes relevant messaging all the more effective. In Marketing Week’s article entitled, “Twitter: ‘Real time marketing is not 24/7 job”, the author said that earned media (content), paid media (advertising) and owned media (PR… Read More»

What Lies in the Future of Digital News

Demand for digital news is expected to continue to increase. Reuters report that the younger generation of today are keener to invest in digital news subscriptions. A recent internet study done by Reuters, reported by UK’s Guardian, found that the younger generation is more willing to pay for digital news than their older counterparts. The… Read More»

How to Avoid the Dark Side of Content Marketing

Content marketing has its ups and downs. Anyone who wants to overcome the challenges of content marketing must be able to understand these simple rules. Those who continue to earn a living in marketing deserve more than just a round of applause. Keeping up with such a quick and extremely challenging industry are only for… Read More»

Activity Levels of Businesses on Social Media-Infographic

Be one of those companies who will reach $30 billion in global social commerce revenues in 2015 with social media marketing. Businesses were quite happy with traditional marketing until social media came along. Month after month, they begin to see improvement in their target reach and a huge increase in their revenues. This infographic from… Read More»

Internet Memes – What You Need To Know To Destroy Them Like Chuck Norris

We are all faced with internet memes everyday. And yes, they are annoying, and useless, just like Chuck Norris. Join the fight on killing useless memes that mean nothing, yet get clicked on like that girl in High School. Internet Memes – What You Need To Know To Destroy Them Like Chuck Norris from Doyle Buehler… Read More»

Google Introduces New Customer Journey Mapping Tool

The Customer Journey to Online Purchase is Google’s new benchmarking tool. Marketers from all over the world can now see how buyers come up with their decision to purchase a product online. On April 2013, Google introduced a new benchmarking tool for marketers: The Customer Journey to Online Purchase, a tool that has been built… Read More»

Google Gets To The Heart of All Information & Online Trends, Including Bacon

So, what does Bacon mean to Google? If you are wondering what has been going on since September, you’re not alone. Bacon has dropped dramatically in the overall trends being watched online, by Google themselves. Isn’t that like the expression, “Getting the fox to watch the henhouse” ? Seems close to a new Google conspiracy.… Read More»