The New Age of Marketing

With the use of the Internet, digital marketing provides “more” in a “short” period of time. As a result, advertisers create pervasive brand experiences for their online audience. Meta description: Marketing strategies used to be simple and linear. You build brand awareness through a barrage of TV campaigns, billboards and radio ads. This engages the… Read More»

Google Structured Data Markup Helper for SEO Demo Sweetpins Website The Digital Delusion

Learn how to create structured data markup for search engine optimisation on your website, with the use of Google Structured Data Markup Helper for SEO. Replaces meta tags and meta description, allows search engine to use teh Structured Data Markup Helper shows you how to update your site so that Google—and potentially other companies’ products—can understand… Read More»

What Lies in the Future of Digital News

Demand for digital news is expected to continue to increase. Reuters report that the younger generation of today are keener to invest in digital news subscriptions. A recent internet study done by Reuters, reported by UK’s Guardian, found that the younger generation is more willing to pay for digital news than their older counterparts. The… Read More»