The New, Genius Social Media Invention – The Social Media Guard

Thanks Coca Cola. And here I thought your sugary sweet drink was THE nectar of the gods. Now you have to explain the next best invention since the invention of social media. How can we thank you? Have a coke?

Want to get some real face-time with your mates throughout the day? Look no further than this new magical device for the human race, to help limit our social media errr, relationship with our smart phones.

Now is the time to get these for those who are missing out on your life. Now they can actually look you in the eyes, and try to remember what you actually looked like without the helpful reference of your most recent selfie.

A brilliant invention for the 21st Century. Almost better than flying cars.

So, let’s get back to reading this post without the new social media guard.


My next question is… where can I actually buy one? Hmmm… I might have to do some work in the garage this weekend.


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