The 3 Insurmountable Lies of Online Business & 21st Century Snake Oil

The-3-Insurmountable-Lies-of-Online-Business & 21st Century Snake Oil-digital-delusion-doyle-buehlerPerhaps it was from an “expert” or better, an online “guru”, or even that teenager who is doing your social media for you. Take your business online and magic will happen. It might have even been a friend or colleague before you got into business. Build a website and the world will beat a path to your new mousetrap, as the saying goes. Just do this one thing, and your bank account will fill up in the morning. Buy this program and we guarantee you will be massively rich. There are snake-oil salesman even in the 21st Century.

The fact is, a lot of businesses have gone into the online world, “blind”, not knowing what to expect, and more so what to do. And so many have been taken advantage of. Yes, it sometimes has been likened to the Gold Rush of a hundred years or so ago. As many online businesses struggle to move from start-up to growth, it certainly is not for a lack of effort, but rather a lack of knowledge.

Remember Tim Ferriss’, ‘The Four Hour Work Week’? How’s that going for you…

Yes, the lies of online for business can be overcome, with some basic  online strategies that will get past the clutter and confusion of online, and move them towards a profitable and audience-growing experience.

The-3-Insurmountable-Lies-of-Online-Business & 21st Century Snake Oil-digital-delusion-doyle-buehler (2)So, what are the top 3 insurmountable lies of online business?

  1. Online is the New world order. Everything will suddenly become less work.
  2. Social media is everything online. Nobody uses websites anymore.
  3. The World wide web creates everything that works at the push of a button. I don’t need a digital strategy to make things work

What do you need to overcome them?

  1. Focus on your value. Don’t buy into spitting out marketing hype and hyperbole. Value is what you deliver to your audience. And, you won’t have an audience without your value.
  2. Prove your assumptions. A lot of what is done is a best guess. There is no all-knowing, all-powerful entity online. You have to build your own knowledge about your own audience and customer. Don’t let that be the end of you, however. Test, test and test again. Prove your assumptions.
  3. Understand that not everyone is in fact your customer, nor will they ever become one. Focus on the one’s who have an interest in you, and move them through your sales funnel and buyers process.

What have you experienced about online that really makes you wonder about what is actually happening? Please let me know in the comments below.

See you online.

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