Is Facebook the New AOL – America Online? What the Internet Would Be Like If Facebook Was Launched in 1995 [VIDEO]

Facebook-the-New-AOL-digital-delusion-doyle-buehlerCan Facebook take over the world, like AOL did way back in 1995? Does anyone remember what a floppy disk was? Who remembers getting these seemingly relentless packages in the mail to sign up?

If you grew up in the 70, 80s, & 90s, you would certainly feel a bit nostalgic when you take a look at these 2 great videos about the internet.

Some one had to do it – replicate the original AOL commercial, and compare it to “the” social network, Facebook, 20 years later. It almost seems as if we have not evolved at all? Wasn’t the internet great back then? Security, Dinosaurs, pictures…

As someone from that era, there are many quaint moments in the videos, about what online and the internet were really like back then, even though it really was just like a new baby, and no one really new what to do with it.

And, the comedic value comes from the the comparison of the internet from today. Yes, the incumbent is Facebook. And the wave of the future is Facebook. But, what is next?

I would be interested to see what we can create in 2025 – a 20 year comparison to AOL and Facebook, and …

Anyway, the real genius is in poking fun at that original AOL commercial, yet knowing that if Facebook had in fact started in 1995, this is what it would have been like.

Great creativity. Check these videos out.

What The Internet Was Like in 1995 With AOL

What Facebook Would Be Like In 1995

See you online,

Doyle Buehler

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