Content is King. Not. It Is Your Muse

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Here is a recent article that I wrote for Digital Ministry on Content Marketing. We’ve all heard it before, right – Content is King.

Me and “BUZZwords” just don’t get along very well.

I personally don’t believe that “content is king”. Perhaps I am a bit too literal, but the King just sits there, and eats grapes and nuts and venison. Yes, I watch the Game of Thrones. Content is about culture – Content is in fact, your Muse. Believe it. Who creates the culture? it is not the King, that is for certain.

Anyway, take a look at my latest dibs on Kings (not the Elvis variety, either).

What do you think? Do you use the phrase “Content is King”? I don’t. We are so beyond Kings and Queens.

Image and screenshot Courtesy of Digital Ministry (and no, it is not a picture of myself).


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