Key Person of Influence – The Entrepreneurs behind the Entrepreneurs Video Compilation – Sydney 6 July 2013

  This is the behind the scenes of the Key Person of Influence Brand Accelerator in Sydney, 6 July 2013. It’s about the volunteers and the key people involved in getting this stunning event off to a fantastic day for entrepreneurs and business leaders across the country. This event was in Sydney – there are… Read More»

How To Make a Crowdfunding Video

Learning what you need to know, for Crowdfunding campaigns can be difficult; here is my take on a perfect crowdfunding video for my Pozible Campaign, with tips! We’re talking about putting the FUN back into CrowdFUNding. See what we did there? Yes, we’re funny that way. All because entrepreneurship and crowdfunding needs to “relax” a… Read More»

The Digital Delusion Video Channel

Get a quick introdution to the world of digital, and what you can start to do to generate real ROI Online with your business, Digital Delusions YouTube Channel Digital Delusions Vimeo Channel