Australia Continues To Be A Lazy Laggard Within The Worldwide Digital Economy

We may be on a journey toward a digital planet — but we’re all traveling at different speeds, depending on what country you are from. According to the Digital Evolution Index and Harvard Business Review (, Australia is “Stalling Out”, indicating that the rate of digital transformation is regressing and in fact slowing down. Stall… Read More»

The Australian Brain Drain for Online Business Continues with Network 10 Reality TV Show “Shark Tank Australia”

Shark Tank Australia, where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to business investors, set to air on Network 10 on Feb 8, is lacking key industry relevance. While great on concept, it lacks substance for the true epidemic in Australian business – a keen sense of direction and focus with online, digital businesses and expertise. The investors… Read More»

The New Age of Marketing

With the use of the Internet, digital marketing provides “more” in a “short” period of time. As a result, advertisers create pervasive brand experiences for their online audience. Meta description: Marketing strategies used to be simple and linear. You build brand awareness through a barrage of TV campaigns, billboards and radio ads. This engages the… Read More»

Yahoo’s Acquisition of Tumblr Gets Negative Reaction from Former Users

Yahoo’s Acquisition of Tumblr Gets Negative Reaction from Former’s Users As blogging site, Tumblr, announced that it has already sealed the deal with Yahoo, many Tumblr users have moved their blogs to Matt Mullenweg’s WordPress. The rate was by the thousands per hour which prompted the blogosphere to say that there was a mass exodus… Read More»

Google Introduces New Customer Journey Mapping Tool

The Customer Journey to Online Purchase is Google’s new benchmarking tool. Marketers from all over the world can now see how buyers come up with their decision to purchase a product online. On April 2013, Google introduced a new benchmarking tool for marketers: The Customer Journey to Online Purchase, a tool that has been built… Read More»

Evernote Gets (Almost) Hacked

Evernote has been busy the last day or so. You would too, if you suddenly realised  that your entire system may have been compromised by a security threat. Here is parts of the Evernote email sent to most subscribers: “Evernote’s Operations & Security team has discovered and blocked suspicious activity on the Evernote network that… Read More»