Using Facebook Website Links Properly To Quickly Move Your Visitor To Your Sales Funnel

Facebook is obviously a wonderful platform for online business to use. That being said, not many businesses are using it properly, or rather, using it to their full advantage. What do you do with a Facebook visitor once they have visited your FB Page? I’m not talking about having a cute or funny picture, either.… Read More»

Evernote Gets (Almost) Hacked

Evernote has been busy the last day or so. You would too, if you suddenly realised  that your entire system may have been compromised by a security threat. Here is parts of the Evernote email sent to most subscribers: “Evernote’s Operations & Security team has discovered and blocked suspicious activity on the Evernote network that… Read More»

How To Generate Great Blog Topics at 3AM

Stuck with nothing to write about for your blog? Want to have some fun from the regular way that you generate content and for your writing pleasure of your blog? Here’s a new robot for us all! I entered liver, and this is what it spits out “When Livers send you running for cover”… Read More»