Why Most Businesses Will Die a Slow Death in 2015

online_business_planHaving a business and a website is not a guarantee for a successful business. It is a guarantee however that you will probably never recoup your investment, or live beyond “customer to customer” transactions, unless you do something about it.

Far too many businesses seem to just “go with the flow” not understanding that the present moment is not how the big brands grew from small brands and from even smaller ideas. The most common thing that links their level of success? They had a plan or a strategy.

Having a plan in place for 2015 will help you organise what you really need to accomplish, not just fighting fires, or going from customer to customer, hoping for the next sale.

Here are some key ingredients for building a strategy or plan for your continued and growing business success.

  1. Develop your audience. This is not just about setting up a Twitter account or a Facebook page. This is actually about creating ideas and concepts that actually relate to your “perfect” audience. Inform, educate, and delight with what you do and say online.
  2. Create your own personal brand. Don’t be shy. In this century, customers are wanting to connect with people, not just a faceless corporation. Become the expert in your niche and show the world what you are so proud of!
  3. Connect your business “ecosystem”. Again, having a Facebook page is not going to cut it anymore. You need to connect you online and offline, as well as every single element of your digital footprint. Connect your social media with your websites, connect your websites with your conversion or landing pages, connect your advertising to your analytics, connect your content with your SEO. It all fits together; you just need to ensure that all the pieces are working in harmony.

What plans do you have for your online business in 2015? Please let me know in the comments below.

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