Want Your eBooks and Documents To Be Read By More Than 50 Million Monthly Readers? Join Issuu!

One of the latest and greatest tools allows writers, authors and publishers to get some of their unique content out onto the web.

Are you an author? Writer? Do you have any stories to share, or are you interested in publishing your news online? Don’t worry! Issuu is here to help you rule your publications online.

Issuu is the world’s fastest growing and leading online publishing platform that provides users with a vast reading experience of all sorts of documents including portfolios, magazines, newspaper etc. It is linked with almost all the famous social networking sites. So when you upload your documents, these will be promoted on those sites.

And, one of the most remarkable things about sharing these documents, is that the link you use actually opens up a mini-widget, to allow you to flip through the document pages that you are viewing. Truly remarkable.

Although all the publications can be viewed online, some of them can be downloaded and saved in your computer or phone as well. The interface also allows users to view their documents like a magazine shop, and then view it directly, and flip the pages as needed.

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Issuu is one of the best ways to publish your documents online. There are more than 50 million monthly readers available as part of this network, to be able to read your publications. So you can easily show off your articles or documents and create some great interactions with this community.

Issuu is seeing regular, new developments, and is available for a number of mobile devices. To sign up or learn more about issue, just follow the links below.

Take a look out our documents as well, and how you can embed them into your own page.

Check out our profile here as well.

Overall, this is an excellent tool for publishing your work online.

Now, take a look at the embedded brochure:



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