Using Facebook Website Links Properly To Quickly Move Your Visitor To Your Sales Funnel

Facebook is obviously a wonderful platform for online business to use. That being said, not many businesses are using it properly, or rather, using it to their full advantage.

What do you do with a Facebook visitor once they have visited your FB Page? I’m not talking about having a cute or funny picture, either. You need to move them into your sales funnels so that you can engage them into your business process. For most businesses, this means getting them to at least visit your own home page.

And, you would be surprised at exactly how easy it is, yet 95% of businesses miss this one. Visitors are not going to scroll through your Facebook posts to find your website address. They simply won’t bother.

Ideally you need to get them to the next step – to go to your website where the real action happens.

Have you ever stumbled around a Facebook page, looking for a link to go right to their website? I have, and it can be quite annoying.

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How To Add Your Own Website Link to your Facebook Page

Take a look at this image. Did you know that you can put a link direct to your website here, in the Admin box? This is some of the prime real estate on Facebook, yet it isn’t used.

The good news is that you can use this now. You can drive traffic direct to your own website, where you can then create additional engagement and move your audience towards your business goals.

Go to your Admin Control Panel of you Fanpage on Facebook by scrolling to the Top of your Fanpage. Click on ‘Edit Page’, followed by ‘Update Info’.

Digital Delusion - Adding Website address to Facebook Fanpage

Digital Delusion – Adding Website address to Facebook Fanpage

Digital Delusion - Adding Website address to Facebook Fanpage

Digital Delusion – Adding Website address to Facebook Fanpage

Now, Just enter your information into the ‘Short Description’ box. Keep it to the top 3 lines only. You can add more (and you should), but the top 3 lines are what is visible onto your Fanpage. If you add more text, it will not appear on the Front Page of your Fanpage.

Once you’ve entered it ok, just go back to your Fanpage to see that it is formatted correctly. Adjust it if it doesn’t quite fit properly.

Be clear – use this space wisely. I use the first line as the main objective – what you do, followed by the website address.

Digital Delusion Trick?

If you want visitors to go to a certain, specific page, you can change it as many times as you need.

Also, consider adding your business phone number, so people can contact you directly via phone.

**Have you noticed other Facebook Fanpages not doing this? Share and Send them this link.

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