Unlock A Remarkable Solution Online With Focussed Emotions

Connect_AudienceDo You Know Why Most Online Businesses Can’t Connect With Their Audience?

We all know Emotions Are Key Online, yet seldom actually look at the heart of how you can improve.

90% of purchases are typically made based upon an emotional decision. Yet, most businesses online are losing business because they can’t make an emotional connection with their audience. Where is the love online? It all starts with community.

Social media and digital is quite removed and unemotional – those who embrace more of an emotional connection will see their online sales and community results enhanced.

Sales for online businesses will suffer without this connection to their audience. Without the community, you are no different than your competitors.

What this means is that businesses must make an emotional connection online with their audience. There is no other way – the audience must know who you are, your values, your personality, created by the business and the brand or they will go elsewhere, for someone else to meet their needs – someone who actually connects with them.

How can you start to create more emotional messages? Here are 3 simple things to consider:

  1. Share your real story. Stop trying to hide behind the “marketing”. Tell it like it is. This is the story that connects with people. Almost everyone is immune to marketing-speak, so grow your story-telling skills. Use pictures and videos to share your story – don’t always rely on words.
  2. How do you identify your audience? Look at trigger words in your copy that your specific niche audience is looking for. These are the words that will connect with them.
  3. Headlines. Yes, headlines can convey emotion – better even at times than your body copy. Look at how you can convey your emotional message, with emotional words that trigger people to stop and read.

Take a look at some of these tools that can help you develop a better emotional connection with your audience.

The AMI Institute http://www.aminstitute.com provides a headline analysis tool that helps score your headline based on a number of factors, of which the call it the “Emotional Marketing Value”. This headline for example, scored a 62.5%, which I can gladly report is in the “gifted” range.


Similarly, CoSchedule.com is another headline analysis tool that can help focus your ideas further. And, gave me a score of 70% for my headline. So obviously they use a similar method of analysis.


Finally, here are some “power” words that will better connect with your audience. See how you can weave them into your own designs and copy. Think “Tested and Improved for Strong Pioneering Professionals”.


What do you think? Is there enough emotion in your digital ecosystem?

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