Top 5 Tips to Optimise Your YouTube Videos

Catchy headlines, detailed description, using important keywords and tags, allowing questions and comments from readers and partnering with YouTube are some of the ways you can make your video appear on top search engine pages.

Videos stick to search engines like glue they say, but there are other ways for you to get the most out of your YouTube Videos. Here are the top 5 ways to optimise your videos according to Amy Schmittauer of Business 2 Community:

1.    Headlines must be catchy

Your viewers’ eyes would always first search for the headlines, and hence, they must be catchy and relevant to the topic of your video. How much your headlines can grab attention is largely connected to the number of views you may have.

2.    Description: Must be detailed

As far as descriptions on YouTube go, not too many people pay attention to writing a good copy on the description area. Not doing so is a big mistake because search engines and YouTube itself will not be watching your video. The only way that search engines and YouTube can learn more about your video is through what you have written in the description section.

It is also a good idea for you to transcribe your video and put that in the description.

The Digital Delusion Blog - How to Optimize YouTube Videos

3.    Join YouTube’s Partner Program

Joining YouTube’s Partner Program makes it possible for you to get personalized thumbnails. Having personalized thumbnails will give viewers that extra push to watch your video and this alone is an incentive for you to upgrade your YouTube account. You’d make money out of your channel at one point once you have lots of people subscribed to your channel but don’t think of monetization just yet, think of getting more viewers.

4.    Keywords and tags are important

You should make use of keywords to tap search terms. When putting tags, ensure that your channel’s name is in the tags section so when someone searches for your videos on YouTube, it would be a lot easier for them to find you. Sometimes, many people discuss the same topics and have the same tags or keywords so putting your channel’s name as a tag or keyword will be a great help.

5.    Questions and Comments

If you finally put up a YouTube video and lots of people are have now typed in their questions in the comments section, ensure that you answer these questions thoroughly.

If someone just says something positive about your video, be gracious and thank them. It pays to be nice on social media because people will like you more if you are nice. Giving useful answers to questions asked by your viewers will also help in getting your channel more attention. Staying engaged is key here because it fosters trust within the community and as a result, the number of viewers you have will multiply.



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