The Post Christmas Business Gap

business_gapsNow that Christmas is technically “over”, how does the small business span the “online gap”, between the holiday season and the “restart” of business sometime towards the end of January?

Many consumers and other small businesses are a bit tighter with their wallets post-Christmas, and not always ready to spend more. Or, at least that is what they try to tell themselves.

Business for the small business doesn’t need to slow down, however.

Here are 3 simple tips that will keep you top of mind over the Christmas slowdown:

  1. What value are you offering that is irrespective of time? We often think of having a Christmas promotion because it is Christmas, or end of year, because it is end of year. Your value should really encompass the value throughout the year, but highlighting key events and milestones for your customer, not just your own calendar.
  2. Promotions, while good at times, push the competition on price, too far sometimes. Look at delivering extra value at this time of the year, not cutting your price. Value can be interpreted by what you do, but dollar value can always be compared directly with your competitors.
  3. What is your ideal customer doing at this particular point in time? Seek to understand what problems they are encountering at this point, and if there is a fit, help them cross this chasm. If you are a service-based business, a lot of what you are going through can be similar to your customers. Find out exactly what they are doing or need, and deliver this as part of your value.

Do you find there is a business gap after Christmas? How do you and your business deal with this? Please let me know in the comments below.

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