The Importance of Lag on Pinterest

Unlike other social media sites, Pinterest has a longer a half-life. That is – it allows your post to stay on the board for 30 days and beyond.

Pinterest is a platform that allows its users to share or create boards of certain things they are interested in. Instead of bookmarking a number of websites, they can now create boards where they can pin certain photos that interest them. These photos usually come with articles or blog posts.

For many of its users, Pinterest is an easy way to find certain things. Lovers of rotary phones, for example, can just search “rotary phones” and get a number of picture-based results through the website.

But what makes it interesting for advertisers is that Pinterest has a longer half-life as compared to other social media platforms. While Facebook updates can have social “airtime” for a few hours if one is lucky, Twitter updates can only have this kind of attention for a few minutes. Pinterest, on the other hand, has a huge long tail which means that the post stays on your boards 30 days and beyond.

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This is quite important for start-ups because it enables posts to have a longer life span than in other social media platforms. It has also been found that Pinterest users spend more as a group than those who use Facebook. While there are many people who have accounts in both Facebook and Pinterest, the latter allows people get to search, surf, and discover or uncover pins that interest them.

Some pins advertise products for sale while others just put interesting articles together with photos which of course helps these particular articles get more traffic. It’s the metadata that counts here. Pinterest does not allow posts that do not have descriptions since putting metadata is a requirement. Users have no other choice but to describe the photo they just pinned. The good thing about it is that when users are not uploading their own photos and just pinning a certain photo from an article, a description is already included.

Pinterest is a well-organised website and because it has no “next page”, users just keep scrolling until they find something that interests them. Companies who want their products to go viral will likely succeed more in Pinterest, according to experts. What is more amazing is that the traffic on the site increased an astonishing 5, 124 percent from the year 2011 to 2012. Today, Pinterest has over 40 million users. While the website is quite useful for online sellers or companies that have products available online, there is still a need to formulate a strategy on what to post.

Taking a look at interesting posts can give you an idea on what people on Pinterest are looking for in a post. Your posts should always be informative and helpful to those viewing it. Experts say that it also has to be entertaining. Linking websites on your uploaded photos as well as videos will also help. But the most important of all is to not just sell stuff by providing information on how much it is and what it can do for the prospect buyer, it’s to fostering a community that will trust your brand and building your company’s reputation online.

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