The 3 Smart, Simple, and Sexy Things That Your Website Actually Needs, But No One Actually Does

3 Smart, Simple, and Sexy Things That Your Website Actually Needs

3 Smart, Simple, and Sexy Things That Your Website Actually Needs. Penguins are sexy, right?

We’ve all seen it before. Your fantastic new website that is going to draw in the crowds, make you rich, and one which you will be simply flooded with business… never seems to work, properly.

Build it and they will come, you were probably told by your web designer.

Go on, please…. at least this is what you were promised, when you signed up for your new website, right? Now they want you to invest more into the black hole of SEO, social media, blah blah blah. Sound familiar?

Sorry to be a downer, but just because your website is “built” doesn’t mean that you will get new customers or more business.

If you want to create a winning website, ahead of your competitors, without spending  $1000s extra on it, then here are some quick tips to implement easily, and things that you can do on your own. And no, it doesn’t mean getting all fancy with social media or SEO, either. Keep it simple. Right now, this is just about your website.

If you are sometimes struggling to make your investment back on your website and generate more business, it usually comes down to a few key factors that you can implement, and implement them quick and easy.

Looking At You

Not everything that is done online, is done correctly. Just because the last guy did it, doesn’t mean that you should follow. baaahhh baaahhh

The brutal reality is that these items just don’t always seem to happen with a website. The sad part is that many business owners and entrepreneurs, just like you, as well as the surplus of web site designers, don’t always make the right decision when it comes to actually making your site work and function properly – like a sales tool.

Your website  shouldn’t be a simple brochure or flyer. Your site should be something much more effective – it should be made to actually generate leads and new business for you, correct?

Fundamentally, it must be a leads or sales generator; a PROFIT centre, NOT just a COST centre. And yes, this is regardless of whether you are an ecommerce shop, or simply using it to get leads for your business.

Most websites are really just designed to look good, and are nothing more than a brochure or flyer. Guess what happens to most brochures and flyers? Yes, they get chucked into the bin. They really can be considered exercises in futility, unless you build your website correctly, and leverage what you can with a clear process or blueprint.

So why is it that a large majority of sites simply do not have some of these key elements in place? It’s not because website designers are stupid, either. It simply comes down to building a proper strategy and digital ecosystem that actually supports your entire online platform that is your business. This is your online business blueprint, and one that only you can build. If you want to build a blueprint that actually grows with you and your business, online, check out my sandwich seminars. Yes, you read that correctly.

Yes, we all get tired of trying to figure this sh*t out!

Yes, we all get tired of trying to figure this sh*t out!

If you’ve got one or two of these smart, simple and sexy things in place already with your website, then you really are well ahead of the game. Put the last pegs into the blocks here, and you will be able to fine tune what it is that you are doing.

There are really not any secrets – no magic pill – no godsend either. Just plain and simple. Work it. Be accountable to your business, have a process. The surprising thing is that many new, shiny things that we call the lifeblood of our business – your website, is just not actually that useful at first glance.

So, while you are busy sunning yourself in your new found website glory… your competitors are using these tools to actually get them new customers and new leads. They are eating your lunch, so to speak..


1. “About Us” is not just about you.

Funny Party Woman

Make it easy for your customer to know what is in it for them, NOT you.

First thing that’s wrong? Make it about them. And yes, I’m talking about your “About Us” Page, and yes, even your “Contact Us” page. Really – shouldn’t it be about your customer in the first place? The key to your customer’s success is not because you are so awesome and amazing; it’s because you are actually solving their problems.

What are their problems? How are you solving them?

This is not meant to be a “60 minutes-esque” Biopsy of the incredible life and times of you. And yes, I am guilty of this too – putting too much emphasis on the wrong syllable. Making yourself seem too important is not always the best way to go.

Yes, your credibility is important, but don’t forget to tell them about what is important for them, not why they should hire you because your CV or resume is incredibly awesome. I’m sure it is, but look at what is in it for them.

Want some other brilliant tips on how to make a great About us page? Check out this Unbounce Article.

2. Free Gifts, because yes, you care.

couple hands with wedding ring and gift box.

Giving the perfect online gift just got cheap and easy.

 Want to incentivize visitors to your site to actually give a crap about you? Remember how I mentioned that most business websites are treated like brochures and flyers… and simply trashed? Well, a gift does wonders.

Do you know why people love food samples at your local grocery store? Besides being hungry of course, it’s because it is free. Yes, no obligation to buy – just like you tell the precious old lady who served you that amazing chicken roll.

But guess what? You remembered what it was, and may even have grabbed a box of the stuff when she wasn’t looking. What kind of gift? Well, first rule of a gift – it doesn’t need to break the bank. Something that is simple and appeals to your customer’s sense of knowledge and discovery.

What issues are you solving for them? How can they source you? What do they need to watch out for? How can you get your customer to better understand their problem? What are some mistakes and problems that they might encounter in their journey in finding the best solution?

Become the expert and increase your credibility, awareness and relevance by providing your knowledge on the core topic of you and your business. SOLVE their problem with your ideas and expertise. And don’t be scared to ask for their email to receive their “7 Mistakes most people make when buying [insert your business topic here]…”, as this will now be the opportunity to continue to stay in contact with them.

Want to combine 2 of these ideas listed here, together? Put the form for your free gift download on your About Us and your Contact Us page. Make it more about your customer, and how you are trying to help them out.

 3. A Local Business Says What, Exactly? 

Various hands lifted up in the air. All on white background

Pick me! Pick me!

Local. Not crazy local. Just local. That means that you have all of the tools in place to actually be part of the local community. Did you know that when your customer Google’s a specific service, it will also show up all of the local based services as well, that are nearest to them? And yes, that includes all of your competitors. Go on, Google it now, if you haven’t already.

If you are not relevant and not showing up, then people are not knowing that you are around – even if you are physically right around the corner from them. After all, if you are not online, then to most people, you simply do not exist.

There are a lot of factors that still may prevent you from showing in the Google listing, but having a proper Google Local set-up will definitely help you, or rather, help your customers find you. Your address of your business becomes an integral part of your website and your new business listing on Google. Now at least you can start to be competitive.

Simply set up your Google Local account and then add the map and details to your site. Go here to register: 

If you want to take it to the next step, allow for Google ratings and reviews on your site, to further build your trust and credibility.


What else can you do?

Bonus Tip #4

Social media can be damn big and silly stupid sometimes. To make it easy to start to get more traffic to your website, “syndicate” all of your blogs, stories, photos, videos and everything else that you produce. Don’t post directly to your social media feeds first. Post first onto your own site and then share all of your new content across all of your social media channels.

Why? Google will become your friend, as you are creating original thoughts and ideas, and generating traffic back to your own website – not just to Facebook or Linkedin, or whatever social channel that your audience is on. Google loves new content, and that is exactly what you are creating by doing it this way. Content is your muse.

Bonus Tip #5 (because I am really feeling generous today).

Want to make your site really work well online, amidst all of the clutter and confusion of what you are supposed to be doing? Here is an excellent, simple, smart tool that helps you get the most out of your website:

If you enter your website address below, it will generate a report on what you can do to improve your site. Sweet.

WooRank SEO software

Your mission? You’ll have to tell me if it is in fact sexy.


What Can You Do, Now?

Want to learn more about how you can build your online blueprint for your business? Join us for our regular live webinar on how to make a sandwich for your audience.

Yes, I’m serious. You would be truly surprised at how many businesses don’t actually know how to make a sandwich, or worse yet, know what their customer’s favourite sandwich is. Which, in my book, is the same as knowing more about them.

Build a sandwich and they will come.

Or, better yet – get started now on building your online blueprint for your business. Build the platform and the strategy that allows you to build your customer desire and engage your audience passion. Sounds easy, right? Well, it certainly can be – if you have the right tools available to you. Now you do.

And, join me in my weekly live webinar here.


What’s Next?

Hopefully this post has been helpful. Please feel free to post your comments about what you found has actually worked for you and your business, online.

If you have found something useful here, please share!

See you online,

Doyle Buehler


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