Autopilot on Social Media with New Beatrix App

Beatrix is a new app that promises to lend a helping hand to social media managers out there by automatically updating accounts before a predetermined schedule. With social media becoming more and more of a tool for the interests of celebrities, businesses, and enterprising individuals, becoming social media savvy has become essential these days. It… Read More»

Top 5 Tips to Optimise Your YouTube Videos

Catchy headlines, detailed description, using important keywords and tags, allowing questions and comments from readers and partnering with YouTube are some of the ways you can make your video appear on top search engine pages. Videos stick to search engines like glue they say, but there are other ways for you to get the most… Read More»

Things PR People Do that Journalists Cannot Take

Working with journalists doesn’t always end up smoothly. Here are some tips for PR people to make sure they start a mutual and lasting relationship with their media counterparts. In the PR world, there’s always a need to contact journalists to drum a bit of attention for one’s client. But sometimes, PR consultants go overboard… Read More»

Yahoo’s Acquisition of Tumblr Gets Negative Reaction from Former Users

Yahoo’s Acquisition of Tumblr Gets Negative Reaction from Former’s Users As blogging site, Tumblr, announced that it has already sealed the deal with Yahoo, many Tumblr users have moved their blogs to Matt Mullenweg’s WordPress. The rate was by the thousands per hour which prompted the blogosphere to say that there was a mass exodus… Read More»

Entrepreneur Online Lab Challenge – Day 13

Welcome to Day 13 of the 23 Day Online Entrepreneur Lab Challenge. Overview During the 23 days, you will be given some tools to be able to effectively manage and grow your business online. These are the 7 Steps that we will be following throughout the program – Module #1 Strategy Development – learn how to craft… Read More»

Real Time Marketing: Marketing for the Moment

Real time marketing, also known as moment marketing, does not demand users to go online 24/7. Instead, it requires planning that makes relevant messaging all the more effective. In Marketing Week’s article entitled, “Twitter: ‘Real time marketing is not 24/7 job”, the author said that earned media (content), paid media (advertising) and owned media (PR… Read More»

How to Avoid the Dark Side of Content Marketing

Content marketing has its ups and downs. Anyone who wants to overcome the challenges of content marketing must be able to understand these simple rules. Those who continue to earn a living in marketing deserve more than just a round of applause. Keeping up with such a quick and extremely challenging industry are only for… Read More»

Activity Levels of Businesses on Social Media-Infographic

Be one of those companies who will reach $30 billion in global social commerce revenues in 2015 with social media marketing. Businesses were quite happy with traditional marketing until social media came along. Month after month, they begin to see improvement in their target reach and a huge increase in their revenues. This infographic from… Read More»

Entrepreneur Online Lab Challenge – Day 23

Welcome to Day 23 of the 23 Day Online Entrepreneur Lab Challenge.             Overview Well, we’ve made it! 23 days and we’ve analysed and actioned a lot of material in order to build and develop your online platform. Now, unfortunately, you can’t just let it “grow” by itself. You still… Read More»