The New Age of Marketing

With the use of the Internet, digital marketing provides “more” in a “short” period of time. As a result, advertisers create pervasive brand experiences for their online audience. Meta description: Marketing strategies used to be simple and linear. You build brand awareness through a barrage of TV campaigns, billboards and radio ads. This engages the… Read More»

Things PR People Do that Journalists Cannot Take

Working with journalists doesn’t always end up smoothly. Here are some tips for PR people to make sure they start a mutual and lasting relationship with their media counterparts. In the PR world, there’s always a need to contact journalists to drum a bit of attention for one’s client. But sometimes, PR consultants go overboard… Read More»

Real Time Marketing: Marketing for the Moment

Real time marketing, also known as moment marketing, does not demand users to go online 24/7. Instead, it requires planning that makes relevant messaging all the more effective. In Marketing Week’s article entitled, “Twitter: ‘Real time marketing is not 24/7 job”, the author said that earned media (content), paid media (advertising) and owned media (PR… Read More»

Engagement Marketing – An Infographic

How do small businesses stand out in a socially connect world?   One of the main challenges we all hear is the huge disconnect between the brands and their consumers. Consumers who identify strongly with brands, particularly younger consumers, usually view this as a reflection of themselves. Approaching them and interacting with them in a… Read More»