The Digital Delusion Channels – Follow Us!

Have you joined the Digital Delusion revolution yet? Social media is a large part of the digital media landscape. Join the various social channels of Doyle Buehler and The Digital Delusion. Watch this video and follow us in the following channels: Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Google Plus, Stop by and say hi!… Read More»

Facebook: Importance of Keeping Private things Private on Facebook

Facebook has become a powerful tool in building an online profile and being able to communicate with others. However, users must use it with caution and ensure that private things must be kept private.  The downside is that there are also people we do not really know who can also see our updates –from photos… Read More»

The Social Media Dimension Guide for Content Designers – An Infographic

Setting up your social media networks means working out the kinks of the exact dimensions of your display photos and banners. You know your channels are effective when you are able to get your message across right away with your visuals and graphics that surround your profile. Thanks to, they have given us this… Read More»

Using Facebook Website Links Properly To Quickly Move Your Visitor To Your Sales Funnel

Facebook is obviously a wonderful platform for online business to use. That being said, not many businesses are using it properly, or rather, using it to their full advantage. What do you do with a Facebook visitor once they have visited your FB Page? I’m not talking about having a cute or funny picture, either.… Read More»