Why You Must Write & Publish an Ebook For Your Business Online [Infographic]

doyle_buehler_the_digital_delusion_not_you_your_contentSQFacebook? Check! Linkedin? Check! Website? Check! Content? Wait, what?!? Why your next step needs to be content creation and in particular, creating and publishing your own ebook.

Why? No, it’s not because all of the big boys are doing it. Why – because most of the big boys are not doing this, actually.

It’s because it creates you as the authority on your subject. Remember that content is your muse – you need to leverage this so that it can be used for creating and establishing your own digital ecosystem.

In all reality your content needs to come first, as then you can actually have something to talk about on Facebook, Linkedin, your website, etc.

Here are some amazing tips and info on what you need to do, to publish your own ebook. Thanks to Placester for the fantastic infographic.


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