Mapping Social Media Online on Day 59 – – The 365 Day Social Media and Content Challeng

Day 59  - truelocal-com - logo rank 1 - doyle buehler the digital delusionFor businesses wanting to get part of, and involved in their local community, then these types of sites are great for enhancing and growing your local business. It serves as a directory of sorts, allowing people to locate you and your business.

Given the fact that Google is “clamping” down on pure directory sites, this might be one of them, although I don’t know for sure. It is free, however to list you business here, and Google seems to be more concerned about paid directories. Again though – that really is beside the point at this time.


Day 59  - truelocal-com - screenshot rank 1 - doyle buehler the digital delusion

Use it to list your local trades or professional services business – the directory is quite large. Keep in mind that people can also provide reviews of your business, so this is an activity that you can encourage as well, to build further credibility in your industry and your local community. is obviously Australia based, but there are local, regional Truelocal sites around the world, giving it enhanced global credibility.


Who is using (Data from Alexa)?

Day 61  - truelocal-com - alexa rank 1 - doyle buehler the digital delusion

You can also view my limited profile:


Day 59  - truelocal-com - screenshot 2 rank 1 - doyle buehler the digital delusion


Social Media/Content Type: Local Business Directory

What is it good for, for your business? To connect with your community with your local trades and professional based business in your local city/region.

What do you need to do, to use it for your business? Create listings with a lot of information. Encourage customers to complete reviews of your businesses.

What type of business is it useful for? Mostly local based trades business

Pay Plans? No

Free Version? Yes

Platform:  Website

Overall Content Type: Specific to your audience and personas and business type

Comparable, Similar sites: NA

The Digital Delusion Index (Overall Site Usefulness): 3/5


What Exactly is the Entrepreneur Online 365 Day Social Media Content Challenge? Every day, for 365 Days (Starting January 1, 2014), we will be researching, reviewing, reading and writing about all of the different social media channels that exist online. We’re mapping the social side of the internet, and how to maximise it for entrepreneurs and businesses. It is not just about social media, however. It is all about connecting and communicating with each other in the online environment, and the content that we develop to get there. It is about the tools that we need to grow our own businesses. Every day we will be investigating a new, specific avenue that allows us to join in on the conversation, connect and communicate, based on our interests, ideas, philosophies, attitudes and behaviours. At the end of the year, you will have an amazing new and clear idea as to what the “real” online community really looks like, and how you can make it work more effectively for your own audience and your own business.

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