Leap Motion, Google Glass: What’s in it for you?

Leap Motion and Google Glass are two of the most recent technology developments which, according to experts, have been designed to enable users to interact with their computer.

At one point, using a mouse will be obsolete but no one has imagined what that point will mean in the coming years or even months. With Leap Motion released on July 22 and Google Glass now live, the way you will control your computer and interact with others will eventually change as soon as you catch up with what’s new in the world of technology.

According to an article on Smashing Magazine, Leap Motion makes it possible for people to interact with items in a 3D space. As this technology gets upgraded later on, people would basically be opening windows and reaching out for objects on their desktops and actually “interacting” with their computers in all sense of the word. This kind of development is already expected though considering that computing technology is improving and upgrading at such a rapid rate.

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What Leap Motion can bring to the table is something very new yet very familiar. In the near future, very interactive websites will be available. For example, you may want to learn how to knit. You will then search online for a website that will teach you how to knit.

In today’s world, one would expect a set of instructions together with a few photos or a video on how to knit but in the world where one can interact with items in a 3D space, you will actually learn how to knit by picking up the yarn and your knitting needle right on your desktop. This isn’t science fiction at all because the Tokyo Institute of Technology already has a sim for such an interaction. It’s only a matter of time before you can enjoy the benefits of this kind of human computer interaction.

But what about reading, writing, and Facebook or Twitter? There’s still a need for online users to do all these things. But, there’s a possibility that in the near future, you would only be doing the reading, writing, and updating of your social networking sites through your mobile phone or your tablet. While Glass is already live, it won’t be used by the public very soon but as the user interface of your desktop computer changes into what Leap Motion aims to provide in years to come, Glass will fill in the gap for social networking.

Socialising will no longer be just online, it will likely to go back to the real world. Steve Lee, the product director for the product noted in one interview that Glass’ goal is to allow more face-to-face interactions by getting mobiles phones and tablets out of the way.

The Glass that is live now. It tells time, tells its users about the weather and even snaps photos of whatever the user wants to take photos of. These things are basically why people have their phones around all the time. What will it mean for you though? It means that in the future, you will no longer be carrying around a cell phone but will have a wrist-mounted device as well as a heads-up display that will allow you to truly interact with your environment and the people in it while still being able to look up certain things and do what you usually do with our smartphone.

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