How To Stick Out With Your Brand Online

3 Social Media Marketing Secrets From Top Brands to Develop Your Business.

These days the term “Social Media Marketing” has been a buzzword in the world of business. Every company, whether it is big or small, strongly realize the importance of social media marketing. Through this authentic process one can get closer to almost 90% of people than a highly paid ad in newspaper, on television etc.

Are you eager to know what types of strategy top brands are following? Do you like to apply those in yours?

There are 3 key ingredients that the top brands utilise, and which you can apply to help develop your business rapidly.

The three key branding aspects are:

    1. Passion
    2. Personality
    3. Transparency.

The 1st key component of the top 3 strategies is connecting with customers’ passion or likings. If you want to have great interaction with millions of people every day, try to find out the interests of your customers and what their passions are. Check out Red Bull and its social media sites. It means alot, and alot is about passion.

3 Social Media Marketing Secrets From Top Brands to Develop Your Business-Oreo1

Oreo’s are about…

The next key component could be called personality. Make some keen efforts to entertain your customers with personality, your brand personality. Take a look at Oreo; they’re definitely about personality.

They are updating their status every day with some unique and entertaining features.

The last brand aspect refers to transparency. These brands always keep informing their fans about their activities. For example, what they are doing now, what new products they are going to launch soon, etc. This activity is generally found in tech brands’ social sites, for instance, IBM, Intel, and Google etc.

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