How To Make a Crowdfunding Video

Learning what you need to know, for Crowdfunding campaigns can be difficult; here is my take on a perfect crowdfunding video for my Pozible Campaign, with tips!

We’re talking about putting the FUN back into CrowdFUNding. See what we did there? Yes, we’re funny that way. All because entrepreneurship and crowdfunding needs to “relax” a bit.

Videos make it “real”; they really help you understand the concepts. Take Crowdfunding for example; great in theory, but it is a challenge to make things work. No worries though, as an entrepreneur, we take this all in stride and make it work to the best of our ability.

I’m about to post a new video for the digital delusion book campaign on the crowdfunding platform – Pozible – it’s Australia’s answer to Kickstarter and Indiegogo – but no kangaroos.

I haven’t released it yet to the campaign site – but I thought I would show it to you first. Kind of like that VIP service you can get at the movies these days…
digital delusion book banner pozible crowdfunding 620x250_option02_vertical

I’ve found that crowdfunding ain’t easy! There are experts everywhere, but not sure where the real work gets done. A lot of tips and tricks as well about what to do and when, but mostly from people who haven’t actually run a campaign. Yikes.

I thought I would have some fun with the FUNding part of it, so I created a video about how to make a crowdfunding video – because I’m like that. I try to enjoy the funnier things in life.

Take a look at the crowdfunding campaign:

Did you know that you can even help with just a click from your mouse?

Please go to the crowdfunding campaign and check out the campaign page. We are about supporting 1000 entrepreneurs to help them become successful and remarkable online.

Go on, click… or watch the video… I promise not to peek…

Enjoy! Please send us your feedback or post a comment in the comments section as well!

Doyle Buehler

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