Google Gets To The Heart of All Information & Online Trends, Including Bacon

So, what does Bacon mean to Google?

If you are wondering what has been going on since September, you’re not alone. Bacon has dropped dramatically in the overall trends being watched online, by Google themselves.

Isn’t that like the expression, “Getting the fox to watch the henhouse” ? Seems close to a new Google conspiracy.

What Does Bacon Mean to Google?

What Does Bacon Mean to Google?

What does this mean, exactly?! It is linked perhaps to the GFC – The Global Financial Crisis? The falling of the Dow Jones? The Release of the latest Justin Bieber album?

How can people be looking and search less for Bacon? It just seems so wrong! And why was the Google Trend Index for bacon at the absolute maximum of 100, back in September! Will we ever find peace on earth?

Maybe Google is hoarding all of the bacon, and for that matter, all of the bacon memes, which I might add are much more exciting and tasty than the cat memes. The new bacon conspiracy? Google certainly is not talking – they declined to be interviewed (ok, so we didn’t ask).

In all seriousness, take a look at Google Trends, whenever you are needing to find out more information on a more serious topic, like cats, for example. Unless of course you are in the business of bacon. Maybe I should look at a career change.

Google also keeps track of the actual “Hot Trends”, by regularly scouring the internet for stuff that you and everybody else is looking for. So keep it clean guys, and keep searching!

What Does Bacon Mean to Google?

What Does Bacon Mean to Google?

And why is there seemingly NO BACON in North Korea? Maybe we should ship them some, to help them relax a bit.

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