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As a blogger and digital content producer, you are always looking for sources of images to go with your posts and text content. Here is a new service that works as a plugin on WordPress, to allow you to easily import images.

Image from Photodropper

Image from Photodropper

When you are running blog sites or web sites, it is important to stick some relevant photos with the post to grab the attention of readers and make the post easy to comprehend for them as well.

But it is really hard, and takes a great deal of time to find appropriate images for your post. You may take the photos yourself if there is one or two sites you run. But when multiple sites are run by you, it gets quite difficult to collect photos for all of them. you can of course look for stock photos online, but this means that you need to get sidetracked from your actual post, to locate some images.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could import images direct from within WordPress? Yes, we think so too. Today we will introduce a great wordpress plugin that turns your photo finding into fun, and less of a nuisance.

PhotoDropper is a wonderful plugin, which makes it very easy to find your desired images in seconds. The best part of this plugin is that it’s free to use.

PhotoDropper has more than 62 million free images that you can access to find your necessary ones. There is also an option for premium photos if you want to have professional pictures. It is very easy. So, for example, you are writing a post and you need a photo, you can choose it even without leaving wordpress. You can either download this beautiful plugin here or get it from your wordpress plugin search bar.

Photodropper Search Sample

Photodropper Search Sample

There are more than 100,000 bloggers using PhotoDropper. This great plugin offers 243M+ Creative Commons Photos at free of cost. The creative commons requires that there is an attribution link at the bottom of your post – but that is a small price in return.Photodropper set-up screen

The images on the “free” side are however, sometimes a bit off in terms of the actual search, with often times somewhat random images appearing. The search for  the paid images does seem to be much more thorough, and the quality of images is quite apparent. The premium or paid version allows you around 3-5 premium image downloads per month for around $15.00; which is less expensive than most online stock photo sources online.

It is a great plugin that allows you to quickly gran some images for your wordpress posts. Highly recommended.

Visit the following link to see more details, or just search for photodropper in your WordPress plugin search.



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