How To Get Past The Hype Of Social Media & Get Down To Business In 2015

social_mediaMost entrepreneurs and small businesses are inundated, and quite honestly, overwhelmed by social media. This can become a huge problem for most businesses, as it then becomes more reactionary and fighting fires, than getting down to business and making things happen. It wastes time and money for every business unless you can control social media, or it will control you.

This really is nothing new. As a business, we almost always seem to be distracted by bright and shiny objects. Social media is no different, with a constant stream of information, photos, cute cats and of course, bacon. And, unless you are actually in the business of cute cats and bacon, it isn’t going to get anything done for your business goals.

Here are a few things that will help get past the clutter and confusion of social media for your business in 2015:

  1. Your Audience. Where exactly is your audience? What are they doing? Where do they see value? Find the channels where your audience is spending their time, then get involved.
  2. Your Digital Strategy. How are you connecting all the different aspects of digital? You can generate a return on investment (ROI) with social media, but you have to create a strong and compelling digital ecosystem.
  3. Your Social Media Plan. First thing – a plan is not a strategy – see #2. Your plan should tell you how you are going to implement your strategy, within the framework of social media. Map out what you are going to say, what you are going to do, what value you are going to deliver to your audience.

What do you think? Is there too much hype with social media? How do you, as the business leader and entrepreneur, get control of your social media?

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