Fast and Smart Ways to Polish Your Inbox

Mailstrom and Swizzle are two web-based programs that will help you clean up your website so you can spare yourself from reading emails that are irrelevant.

The downside of communicating in the digital age is simply the massive (and often unnecessary) amount of communication you get from so many people or businesses. A cluttered or bloated inbox has been a long standing problem especially for professionals and people living busy lifestyles. Because SPAM filters do not always work out perfectly, most people are left with a landslide of emails which are mostly from products or services that we don’t really need and don’t remember subscribing to. Indeed, the problem has become a large annoyance and most service providers have failed to find a suitable and powerful way of dealing with the problem.

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Thankfully, two new web-based programs have come up with a solution to the problem of inbox clutter in a way that Google, Microsoft and Apple have not done so adequately. Mailstrom and Swizzle are fresh programs that specialise solely on cleaning up your inbox so you can receive only the emails you want to see. Here’s a quick rundown of each program’s pros and cons.

To start off, let’s look at how Mailstrom works. Mailstrom basically allows you to perform mass deletions based on the analysis of all your emails’ subject lines and metadata. Depending on the size of your inbox, Mailstrom’s analysis can take about an hour, to about an entire day for really bloated inboxes. After the analysis, Mailstrom presents a detailed dashboard of its analysis and categorises all the email according to certain criteria. Although the analysis can relatively take a long time, once it’s there, you can perform your own mass deletions swiftly and easily. Mailstrom also allows you to unsubscribe from an unimportant mailing list and delete all emails from that list with just one click.

Contrast all that to Swizzle, which works in a relatively simpler way. Unlike Mailstrom with all its rigorous analysis, Swizzle only focuses on marketing emails. Unlike Mailstrom which is brutally focused on helping you delete unwanted mail and unsubscribe from uninteresting mailing lists, Swizzle mostly focuses on streamlining your marketing subscriptions.

The analysis works by identifying marketing mail, and then allowing you to unsubscribe to unwanted lists and keep the rest. Once you decide which marketing mailing lists you still want to be part of, Swizzle sends the mail from all those lists to you in the form of a Daily Digest. Thus, the Daily Digest helps you declutter your inbox without unsubscribing to services that are important to you.

As far as the major cons are concerned, both services unfortunately do not work with most company email systems because of technical barriers. Also, it takes a considerable amount of time to operate both programs, but most users agree that the time and effort are worth it.

Overall, despite coming with a few cons, both services are significant improvements from the existing decluttering programs like Google’s Priority Inbox feature. Mailstrom is more powerful and rigorous, while Swizzle is more focused and targeted. Either way, these two are your best bets from cutting down your inbox clutter.

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