Facebook Gets Relevant With Your Fanpage

Facebook securityIt’s been no surprise that the recent word on the street is how Facebook has culled a lot of the Fanpage crap that is out there. Spam. Yes, some (i.e. a lot) Fanpages have been incessantly stating how Facebook is making it unfair, and that you shouldn’t have to pay to play.

Facebook has just released some tips on how to create less spam, which should appease the whingers. Have you tagged anyone, lately?


Why are some fanpages not appearing in the newsfeed? Well, it basically comes down to your relevance – in other words, how does what you are producing on your fanpage, relate to what your audience is interested in?

Facebook is simply  cleaning the streets. Everybody likes when it happens, except of course the idiot that left their car parked on the street. And, of course ‘someone’ has to pay for the street cleaner, but doesn’t actually realise it.

The ‘trick’ that Facebook is proposing? Just tag your friends and any other related fanpages in your content.

Again though, make sure that it is relevant to what you are actually talking about, otherwise yes, it is still SPAM. 

This is in effect partnership with Facebook at it’s finest. Find and partner with Facebook Fanpages that have complementary content and you will have yourself a winner. Now on the flipside, don’t go creating “fake” Fanpages and share these and tag these, as then you will still be fighting the unending spam battle, as nothing will be relevant.

whinge about whingersWhy is Facebook limiting your posts in the newsfeed in the first place? Well, just look at the numbers. As more people get more friends and more fanpages are created, you would be looking at a newsfeed that simply would stream too fast, and you would miss posts regardless. It would become a giant cluster bomb.

Facebook is putting in a filter, so that you can actually enjoy what you have on Facebook, and not spammed to death until you leave Facebook a ghost town.

What do you think? Does Facebook have a right to filter your fanpage content? Why should you have to “Pay to play”?



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