Evernote Gets (Almost) Hacked

Evernote Security Threat

Evernote Security Threat

Evernote has been busy the last day or so. You would too, if you suddenly realised  that your entire system may have been compromised by a security threat.

Here is parts of the Evernote email sent to most subscribers:

“Evernote’s Operations & Security team has discovered and blocked suspicious activity on the Evernote network that appears to have been a coordinated attempt to access secure areas of the Evernote Service.

As a precaution to protect your data, we have decided to implement a password reset. Please read below for details and instructions.

In our security investigation, we have found no evidence that any of the content you store in Evernote was accessed, changed or lost. We also have no evidence that any payment information for Evernote Premium or Evernote Business customers was accessed.”

In any event, Evernote recommends putting in a new password, with these guidelines:

There are also several important steps that you can take to ensure that your data on any site, including Evernote, is secure:

  • Avoid using simple passwords based on dictionary words
  • Never use the same password on multiple sites or services
  • Never click on ‘reset password’ requests in emails – instead go directly to the service
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