Entrepreneur Online Lab Challenge – Day 8

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Welcome to Day 8 of the 23 Day Online Entrepreneur Lab Challenge.


Module 3: Social & Sharing

Entrepreneur Online Lab Module 3 - Social Media & Sharing


During today’s blog, we are going to start to look at ‘social & sharing’, or Social Media. We all know that social media is important. It however needs to be put into perspective. It is not the end all and be all. It is just a tool.

Social media is also NOT just about having your name up on the site, and posting cute cat videos and pictures of bacon. It is also important that you are active in building a community; you need to participate in the community, you need to share your knowledge and expertise as well.


Goals for Today

We want you to get a better understanding of what Social Media is, and how it can work for you, as the entrepreneur. Consider as well, how much time and resources you currently spend not just on social media posting, but also on building your social media community, by sharing and discussing on all other avenues and groups that you are part of.

What to Consider Today

Take a look at what you are doing on social media.

  1. Assemble a list of all of the social media sites that you are currently on. It doesn’t matter if you are not active – just whether or not you have an account. Now, make a list of your audience and personas, from the previous work you did as part of the Entrepreneur Online Lab. Take a look at your gaps – where are you where your audience is not, and where is your audience where you are not?
  2. Decide what goals are important to you, for having a social media presence. List your goals. Be as specific as possible. Why are you currently on social media? What do you hope to achieve?
  3. How does your new content plan fit with not only your social media postings, but also your ability to build your community by creating and developing your content?

Please post your answers to these questions below, in the comments section.


What to Get Done Today

  1. Review and complete the questions above.
  2. Take a look at your current social media “status”. What are you actually doing in social media? What resources do you currently have dedicated to social media?
  3. Look at whether or not you are seeing much engagement with your social media activities. Be honest. Are they meeting your expectations?

Day 8 The Entrepreneur Online Lab Challenge by The Digital Delusion

What is Happening Tomorrow?

As mentioned, for each Module, we will be covering 3 specific areas, such as Discovery, Action & Relevance, to help you manage this whole learning experience. Today is the “Discovery”; tomorrow we will get into the “Relevance”, with some specific strategy planning questions for you to contemplate.

And, just as a reminder, for those who haven’t been able to pre-register, please click here to register, so that you don’t miss anything over the course of the program.


Other Resources that You Can Use

No current additional resources required

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Vintage Social Media

Did You Complete The Exercise? Did You Comment Below With Your Answers?

Please take the time to go over the quick questions, and post your responses in the comments sections below.


That’s It! Thank You For Completing Day 8

Looking forward to helping you accelerate your business, drive demand, and build engagement!

Please post any questions, comments or feedback that you might have as well, below. We are very happy to hear what you have to say. And, please share what you have learned, with the share links on this page.

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Entrepreneur Online Lab Module 3 - Social Media & Sharing

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