Entrepreneur Online Lab Challenge – Day 23

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Welcome to Day 23 of the 23 Day Online Entrepreneur Lab Challenge.

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Well, we’ve made it! 23 days and we’ve analysed and actioned a lot of material in order to build and develop your online platform. Now, unfortunately, you can’t just let it “grow” by itself. You still will need to nurture it along, and continue to build it and add content.

You’ve now got a very strong platform working for you. Keep it going and it will continue to help you and your business.


Day 23 of The Digital Delusion 23 Day Entrepreneu Challenge


Goals for Today

Determine what you need to to do, every 3 or 6 months.


What to Consider Today

Take a look at these questions:

  1. What do you want to accomplish in the next 3 months, 6 months? Where do you want to take your business from here?
  2. What obstacles are in the way of achieving your online goals?
  3. How are you going to continue to implement, action, and deliver your content? Do you have a long-term schedule?

Please post your answers to these questions below, in the comments section.


What to Get Done Today

  1. Review your online business goals and objectives.
  2. Set aside resources to continue to maintain and grow what you have started to build.
  3. Increase your knowledge base of what makes your business work, online.


That’s It! Thank You For Completing the 23 Day Lab Challenge!

Looking forward to helping you accelerate your business, drive demand, and build engagement!

Please post any questions, comments or feedback that you might have as well, below. We are very happy to hear what you have to say. And, please share what you have learned, with the share links on this page.

Also, please tell us what you thought. Hopefully we have been able to help you get your online business in order.


Doyle Buehler

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*Editors Note*

If you found yourself on this page, and not sure how our program started, please click here to learn more, so that you don’t miss anything over the course of the program.


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