Entrepreneur Online Lab Challenge – Day 22

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Welcome to Day 22 of the 23 Day Online Entrepreneur Lab Challenge.

Module 7: Advertising, Analytics & Dashboards


We’re in the last stage of the Maximise Online project. We’ve gone through a lot of development for you and your business. Today, we wrap that up with adding some basic tools to allow you to better manage your entire online operation.


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Goals for Today

Understand what is needed for a dashboard to better manage your online platform.


What to Consider Today

Take a look at these questions:

  1. What KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) do you use in your business? Which ones are applicable to your business online?
  2. Have you created a proper way to schedule and maintain your content and the publishing of your content?
  3. If you could view any type of performance metric about your online business, what would it be?

Please post your answers to these questions below, in the comments section.


What to Get Done Today

  1. Prioritize your KPIs, so that you can start to review them regularly understand what you need to accomplish next
  2. Detail out any other metrics that are important to your business.
  3. Assemble your KPIs and metrics, and information channels with such tools as a dashboard and media monitoring, such as Hootsuite or Buffer (Facebook & Twitter only).


What is Happening Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is our final Webinar where we will review what we’ve accomplished, as well as what next steps you can take. It will be a quick webinar, but will be full of some last minute tips and tricks to help you continue your online adventure.


Other Resources that You Can Use

Buffer and Hootsuite are tools that allow you to load all of your social media channels, and post on a timely schedule. This allows you to complete the majority of your posting at scheduled intervals. It is important however, to also post based on news, current affairs, or information that is relevant to others. These management tools also allow you to review what is being posted by others, as well as monitoring specific keywords and phrases. There are many more sophisticated services that you can also purchase, but it is best to first get a handle on what you want and need, then look at upgrading.

Cyfe.com is a dashboard tool where  you can create a control and review panel for all of your key online metrics. You can assemble practically any piece of data from your site, on any channel, and exhibit it as an easy visual reference to help you guide your business further.


Did You Complete The Exercise? Did You Comment Below With Your Answers?

Please take the time to go over the quick questions, and post your responses in the comments sections below.


That’s It! Thank You For Completing Day 22

Looking forward to helping you accelerate your business, drive demand, and build engagement!

Please post any questions, comments or feedback that you might have as well, below. We are very happy to hear what you have to say. And, please share what you have learned, with the share links on this page.

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