Entrepreneur Online Lab Challenge – Day 14

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Welcome to Day 14 of the 23 Day Online Entrepreneur Lab Challenge.

Module 5: Website Alignment


Today we are going to begin looking at your website. Not just as something that is the centre of the universe for most entrepreneurs, but rather just one of the elements that is important in your overall online/digital platform development. Your website is not the end-all or be-all. It is just one of the cogs in the gear that gets you to your destination.

A website on it’s own is no more effective than thinking that social media or Facebook is a complete business. It’s not. It’s simply a tool in your tool box to get you to the outcome that you desire online.

Your website can be as fancy as you want; you can spend $250,000 on them… but… they won’t work as well as you think they should, if you are not able to connect everything else that is important in your complete digital platform.

We call this step a “website alignment”, as we are putting the steps in place to ensure that all of the different pieces and sometimes seemingly disparate items,  fit together properly and amplify what you are working through online.

The Digital Delusion 23-Day Entrepreneur Online Challenge Day 14

Goals for Today

We want to be able to start to put your website in a new light, a new perspective that will start to help you with your platform. Even if you already have one, there are a number of things that can be done to refine the site, to make sure that it all fits together properly.

Don’t forget – we’ve got a webinar today as well at 1pm AEST today. We will be reviewing some of the earlier steps, as well as continuing to the next items that are coming up as we wrap up the Lab.


What to Consider Today

Take a look at these questions:

  1. What are the current goals of your website? What do you want it to accomplish with it? Sales? Leads? Information?
  2. How do you manage content on your site;  what CMS (Content Management System) do you use?
  3. How do you currently deal with such things as downloads, gifts and other product offerings? How do people get in contact with you?

Please post your answers to these questions below, in the comments section.


What to Get Done Today

  1. Answer the questions above and post your answers.
  2. Make a list of your goals of your website.
  3. Make an activity plan of what resources you currently invest in the site, as well as the resources that you would like to invest.


What is Happening Tomorrow?

Tomorrow we will be continuing Module  5 – Website Alignment. We are going to get into more detail with some additional discovery of what can work for your business.


Other Resources that You Can Use

No current additional resources required




Did You Complete The Exercise? Did You Comment Below With Your Answers?

Please take the time to go over the quick questions, and post your responses in the comments sections below.


That’s It! Thank You For Completing Day 14

Looking forward to helping you accelerate your business, drive demand, and build engagement!

Please post any questions, comments or feedback that you might have as well, below. We are very happy to hear what you have to say. And, please share what you have learned, with the share links on this page.

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*Editors Note*

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