The Entrepreneur Online Challenge – 365 Days of Social Media

The Digital Delusion Online Entrepreneur Lab Day 8 on Social Media - ThumbI’ve always wanted to do one of these “extended” challenges to help entrepreneurs… As our readers know, we also have our 23 Day Challenge, where we walk you through each of the 7 Frames of Online Success. It is fun and interesting, as we go through some key principles that will actively help entrepreneurs with their business online in a quick and concise manner.

This one is bigger. Much much bigger.

365 days of writing a blog on social media and online business is the first major challenge to undertake. Writing blogs online seems to be “easy”, but it really is far from that. Writing is a full time job itself. It takes a lot of planning and preparation, and of course good ideas.

I’ve seen a few of these type of things – 365 portraits in a year, 365 days of meat; 365 days of a stormtrooper – and many more. While these are good and fun, I’ve never actually seen one that has an outcome that everyone can learn from, not just the person writing them or producing them.

I wanted this one to be different. I wanted it to be able to highlight what exactly social media is about, and how we engage and interact on it. So, I came up with the idea for the 365 days of social media. Now, some of them could be more directed towards the entrepreneur themselves, such as posting 365 days to their own social media channels, or something like this. However, I felt that this would be too easy for most, and really is just an exercise in getting sh*t done. Anyone can post every day on Facebook if they really wanted to, even if they did it without any schedulers.

So, for the next full year (OMG!), starting today, January 1, 2014, I will be setting up a different social media “channel” every day. It can be a friendly network, a service, a commerce site, a forum, or whatever else is out there. The main criteria is that it must have the ability to create a personal profile, to truly make it “social”. Not all of them are going to be like Facebook – they are going to be all over the map. And no, I am not going to be setting up 364 fake profiles on Facebook.

At the end of the day, we will have a much better “map” in regards to everything that is out there in the social media universe. The different types of channels, what their speciality is, and more importantly, how they will help you and your business specifically. We will then have some real data on what you can use for your online business, or whether you should simply avoid “that” one.

The Conversation Prism

The Conversation Prism – Click to Enlarge

Where did the idea come from? Well, partly from my book – The Digital Delusion, but also from some of the initial ideas associated with online conversations, specifically from Brian Solis and JESS3 of The Conversation Prism. They created a number of channels that exist in the social media sphere, and compiled it into a truly remarkable and brilliant graphic. I wanted to see how we could apply this in real life, as well as see what we can actually do with them. Take them out for a test drive, online.

It is more about connecting and communicating, than just “social media” per se, but I guess the word, that most people can recognize is in fact social media. I do like to change words that I don’t always like, but this one is a bit too big, even for me to change… at least at this point. And honestly, some of the sites that we are going to explore will simply not be social media, but possibly apps, websites, and other mechanisms that allow us to actually connect with everyone else.

Are we going to find the magical new and improved Kevin Bacon number? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But, I’m sure that we will find some cool tidbits that relate to our connected online experiences (as well as Bacon – but that is another story).

Most of us know that the internet is not Facebook, but we still get stuck sometimes on what else is out there, when the 500 pound gorilla, and the giant elephant keeps blocking the view.

We will be adding more connecting, communication and social media channels along the way, finding out which ones are no longer running (myspace, bebo, anyone?), finding some new gems, and seeing what we can actually do with them – whether it is for business or pleasure.

Of course there are going to be some small ones, as well as the big ones that everyone knows about. I will intersperse the well-know ones throughout this process, merely as a baseline. And, we are also going to look at other ones in other languages and other countries and regions around the world. We want to paint a full picture of what is being used by and for entrepreneurs and their audiences. Social media is everywhere – you don’t need to be.

So, please join me in this upcoming adventure. Sign-up to register to get regular updates as well, along the way. And yes we will be publishing our list “live” as we get it developed and done.

We’ll also be publishing a database/list of all of the sites as we start to develop them.

Here is the table of contents to show you where we are at, and what we have done! Please join us!

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What Exactly is the Entrepreneur Online 365 Day Social Media Challenge? Every day, for 365 Days (Starting January 1, 2014), we will be researching, reviewing, reading and writing about all of the different social media channels that exist online. It is not just about social media, however. It is all about connecting and communicating with each other in the online environment. It is about the tools that we need to grow our own businesses. Every day we will be investigating a new, specific avenue that allows us to join in on the conversation, connect and communicate, based on our interests, ideas, philosophies, attitudes and behaviours. At the end of the year, you will have an amazing new and clear idea as to what the “real” online community really looks like, and how you can make it work more effectively for your own audience and your own business.

*365 Day Social Media Challenge Table of Contents

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Please tell me in the comments below, what sites we should visit in our world social media tour, what you want to find out more about, as well as what experiences you may have encountered good/bad with your own social channels and the ones that we are highlighting.


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