Redefine and Rediscover ROI; It’s About Your Influence of Online Business, Not Just About Finances

Everything that you know about ROI is ‘wrong’. Let’s even start with the acronym – ‘wrong’. ROI to some is a simple measure of Return on Investment.

To those that are making a difference with their business online, it is called Remarkable Online Influence. And, it’s the NEW ROI of your digital ecosystem, and what you can easily build for you and your business.

Influence is categorised by many as being able to convey your ideas, and have them readily accepted by others. Easy in principle, harder in practice.

In researching for my book, The Digital Delusion, What I have discovered is that those businesses and entrepreneurs who have created a lot of influence online, have done so with a process. Not a mechanical or academic process per say, just an understanding of what works and what doesn’t. The interesting thing is that a lot of those who have built a lot of influence online haven’t actually understood the ‘why’.

It’s not just about how many Twitter followers you have, how many Facebook fans, how brilliantly awesome your website is, or how big your email list is. It’s actually quite deeper than that. It’s about being able to combine a number of key elements about who they are as a person or business, as well as what their business is about.

So, how do you start to create Remarkable Online Influence? What is that process? Here are the 3 simple things to maximize what you are doing for your business, and build your ROI:

      1. Digital Strategy. Do you have one? Is it too complex for others to understand and for you to convey? That’s a problem. Simple is better. Can you articulate your strategy into your core ‘essence” to convey to others, as part of your pitch? What are you really about? What makes it work?
      2. Knowledge & Expertise. How to you develop your own online persona, based on your own knowledge and expertise. Are you writing? Are you contributing? Who knows you are a ‘Champion’ of what you do? It’s not just about a blog, either, it’s about every little thing that you produce and create online that further conveys the essence of your business and your overall strategy.
      3. Awareness & Relevance. The sad reality is that no one really cares about you and your business. Give your audience a real reason to care, by getting to know them, and creating content that aligns with who they are, what they do, and everything else about them. Everything needs to be relevant to them, or nothing will happen. Create the awareness by developing your knowledge and expertise across your entire digital ecosystem.


And no, it’s not a ‘magic bullet’ – it’s part and parcel of how you continue to grow and integrate your entire digital ecosystem, across all channels and all mediums, to make your job easier. But, it takes time; it’s  not going to happen over night, so don’t get anxious about seeing immediate results. You’re building a long-term business, right?

So, what are you waiting for. Start to build your own ROI. A Remarkable Online Influence that grows your own business and your own profile of you and your business online. Expand on a higher level of your investment.

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Doyle Buehler

I help entrepreneurs re-define & re-discover their digital business with a breakthrough online blueprint to transform their business online.

Author of The Digital Delusion – How to Overcome the Misguidance and Misinformation Online

Senior Smarty Pants – The Digital Delusion


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**What Exactly Are The 3 Simple Things?**

This is a blog series to help simplify business online for entrepreneurs. I got tired of the “Here are 59, 76, 123 Things That You Can Do” lists… Way too much work for most of us. There is a lot of clutter and confusion online, and lists with way too many numbers; my mission is to help you re-discover and re-define your business online, to give you the tools that you actually need, simply to transform your business online.


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