Social Media Marketing Explained with Donuts

Confused about what social network you should be using for social media marketing ? It may be tasty but no, It’s not going to be easy. But hopefully comparing it to donuts will help you make this life-changing decisions for your audience. Sprinkles, anyone?

Why Most Businesses Will Die a Slow Death in 2015

Having a business and a website is not a guarantee for a successful business. It is a guarantee however that you will probably never recoup your investment, or live beyond “customer to customer” transactions, unless you do something about it. Far too many businesses seem to just “go with the flow” not understanding that the… Read More»

The Post Christmas Business Gap

Now that Christmas is technically “over”, how does the small business span the “online gap”, between the holiday season and the “restart” of business sometime towards the end of January? Many consumers and other small businesses are a bit tighter with their wallets post-Christmas, and not always ready to spend more. Or, at least that… Read More»