Autopilot on Social Media with New Beatrix App

Beatrix is a new app that promises to lend a helping hand to social media managers out there by automatically updating accounts before a predetermined schedule.

With social media becoming more and more of a tool for the interests of celebrities, businesses, and enterprising individuals, becoming social media savvy has become essential these days. It is believed that one must often be online to keep in tune with trends and to always be seen, heard, and felt.

BeatrixApp-The Digital Delusion

Countless applications have made strides towards anyone with a social media account to become a consistent presence online even without the user accessing it. Some users even employ other people to maintain their accounts for them, ever ensuring that their presence is felt by their followers or online friends.

This desire to become an omnipresent being in social media has led to users, individuals and businesses alike, to utilise bots, fake accounts, and faceless “employees” to bolster their online profile and boost views, shares, and similar processes for their benefit. In fact, Buffer, an online service, allows posts to be published via a prescheduled itinerary, which enables a user to set everything for a time before signing out.

Enter Beatrix, often described as the “friendliest virtual social media intern in the world”. Created by Jon Yongfook, this new application/online service allows those who have social media accounts to specify a number of different keywords which would correspond to their interests. Beatrix will then use these keywords to generate links related to the listed topics and publish them to the respective social media account. Of course, these links are limited to current and timely material, and are published to your account based on a set predetermined schedule.

Like Buffer, Beatrix allows you to set a schedule for publishing on your account for the coming week. But unlike Buffer, Beatrix generates the content that is to be published onto your account.

beatrix app social media marketing the digital delusion

The social media app claims to help you through by creating the best content within your social sphere. All of these will cost you around $29 a month, for a supposedly hassle-free and consistent online presence.

The upside of having Beatrix, an automated system which can post content is that it does not require a lot of maintenance. This is actually very favourable for businesses, especially those that do not have their own social media manager or have not enough budget or time for posting contents online. However, it appears that there is no way for businesses to post original contents because the system is able to collect only information related to topics that were picked by users. But even so, Beatrix can serve as a helpful tool for businesses, specifically offering the more basic tasks that can help build the brand of the business.

On the other hand, some social media users expressed discomfort with the thought of having an application like Beatrix. They claim that it would be like having a robot, taking out the element of “social” in social media. They say that it removes the human touch by the substitution of automated posts. But what do you guys think? Would you consider apps like Beatrix to be useful or not? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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