Entrepreneur Online Lab Challenge – Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the 23 Day Online Entrepreneur Lab Challenge. Overview Strategy is just that – the overall plan that you are using to run your business. Whether it is a long or short term, it is important to have one. What is the difference between a strategy and a tactic? A strategy… Read More»

Entrepreneur Online Lab Challenge – Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the 23 Day Online Entrepreneur Lab Challenge. Overview During the 23 days, you will be given some tools to be able to effectively manage and grow your business online. These are the 7 Steps that we will be following throughout the program – Module #1 Strategy Development – learn how… Read More»

Entrepreneur Online Challenge Lab – An Introduction

We’re about to get started with the Entrepreneur Online Lab. We are so excited! Starting tomorrow, and for the next 23 days, we are going to show you exactly what you need to build your online digital platform. So, what does this mean? Well, here is the breakdown of the key steps and schedule that… Read More»

Facebook: Importance of Keeping Private things Private on Facebook

Facebook has become a powerful tool in building an online profile and being able to communicate with others. However, users must use it with caution and ensure that private things must be kept private.  The downside is that there are also people we do not really know who can also see our updates –from photos… Read More»

How Important Are Facebook Ads?

Advertising on Facebook allows marketers to target and reach for their market without having to spend on unnecessary promotions. It is simple, cost effective and practical. Facebook has evolved into a powerful medium for people to voice not only their emotions but also their advocacies. Since millions of people around the globe use the social… Read More»

The Social Media Dimension Guide for Content Designers – An Infographic

Setting up your social media networks means working out the kinks of the exact dimensions of your display photos and banners. You know your channels are effective when you are able to get your message across right away with your visuals and graphics that surround your profile. Thanks to Raidios.com, they have given us this… Read More»

Google Introduces New Customer Journey Mapping Tool

The Customer Journey to Online Purchase is Google’s new benchmarking tool. Marketers from all over the world can now see how buyers come up with their decision to purchase a product online. On April 2013, Google introduced a new benchmarking tool for marketers: The Customer Journey to Online Purchase, a tool that has been built… Read More»