Are You Following Your Competitors Too Closely on Social Media? Guess Where You Are Now?

Where are you actually standing (or moving), when you are following your competitors too closely? Yes, you guessed it. BEHIND them. Plain and simple, you are now moving slower than they are.

Digital Media is no different than what you are doing offline. Define your competitors, don’t let them define you and your business.

The digital delusion image following competitors too closely

Following Your Competitors Too Close?

Following your competitors nowadays, with social media and all other forms of digital media is easy. You can see them on Facebook, watch them through their emails, visit their sites, and download their ebooks.

With all of the competitor following going on, it’s amazing that any of the so-called remaining “fans” would NOT be competitors?!?

In my mind it’s important to understand your competitors, but not to let them  get in the way of your actual, real business. Don’t make it an obsession, as it will take things away from actually getting things done in your business. It’s kind of like watching the news… you can watch it, seemingly forever, or you can actually make the news.

I choose to make things happen and let my competitors follow me – not the other way around. Now you can continue to grow and elevate your business while they are distracted watching you make things happen.

Are you the leader or the follower? Stop fixating on what your competitors are doing. Focus and energise on what you want to do, where you want to go. What do you think? How actively do you look at your competitors. Please tell us.

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