6 Tips to Get on Google News Feeds

Getting into Google’s News Feeds takes more than just luck. Whoever wants to see his articles on the coveted news feed must follow some strategies, and also have the patience to wait for results to come.

News updates do not only come from news agencies. Sometimes, Google picks up a few news items from different sources and since Google is so influential in the world wide web, many webmasters are now doing all they could to be included in the Google News. If you are wondering how you can be included in Google’s News Feed even if your website is relatively new, here are a few tips and tricks you can make use of according to an article in Search Engine Journal:

Tip # 1: Follow Google News’ Technical Requirements

Google News chooses the news it picks up by relying on a computer algorithm. For your website’s content to be included in Google News, the formatting of the website itself should be easy to read by Google’s crawler. Ensuring that your website fits Google’s technical requirements will give your articles a chance to be included in the news feed.

Tip # 2: Produce Great Content

While Google’s content guidelines are rather stringent, the bottom line is, your content should be great. You should ensure that your article satisfies journalistic standards and should always be timely. But whatever you do, your readers should always come first because they are the ones who read your articles. Making sure that your article is easy to understand is the best way to get more people to read what you write.

Produce Great Content For Google News Feeds

Tip # 3: Develop Authorship

The authorship system is a vital feature the social media network +1 (Google Plus). Although Google Plus as a social networking site is not that popular yet, articles that are +1’ed is an indication that the article is well written and provides relevant information to readers. Once a famous author or one who has already built a reputation online writes for your website, you can be sure that this will be picked up by Google News.

Tip # 4: Give Your Writers a Face, a Personality, a Photo

Ghost writing doesn’t cut it if you want a website to be an authority on a certain topic. Being transparent to your readers on who the authors are will build trust among your audience. One also has to note that most people are interested in learning more about an author if they are interested in what he or she has written.

Tip # 5: Remember the Quality over Quantity Rule

Many would say that the more articles you write, the better ranking you will get from Google and the greater the chances of your articles being picked up by Google News Feed. This is not entirely true because the quality of your content is given more weight. As you know, there are hundreds of thousands of articles online, but what differentiates one from the other is their quality. Hence, the one with the better quality is more favoured and could expect a place in the Google News Feeds.

Tip # 6: Contact Google Once you are Ready

If your article is ready and your website’s formatting is now Google crawler-friendly, then it’s time to talk to Google and file for inclusion. The process takes several weeks but just be patient because you can be sure that Google will get back to you as soon as they’ve reviewed your website. If you’ve filed for inclusion, all you have to do is wait.


How to be Included in Google’s News Feed


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